Spray Foam Insulation ​Brainerd, MN


Spray Foam Insulation ​​Brainerd, MN

Using Minnesota spray foam insulation in Brainerd, MN has immediate and long-term benefits that significantly outweigh the initial costs of installation. Traditional insulation types are fibrous, inefficient and fragile. They cannot match the benefits of spray foam.

Spray foam insulation is superior over fiberglass. It has air sealing properties. Fiberglass does not provide an air barrier, allowing air to move through it no matter how well it is installed. When air flows through, the air outside and inside combines and creates condensation inside the walls. For most people, the commitment and cost of using spray foam insulation in their home insulation elicits a lot of intimidation. In fact, without understanding the numerous advantages that spray foam insulation has, overlooking it as an option is quite easy. Moreover, most people often fail to realize that it outperforms all the other kinds of insulation.

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Open-cell vs Closed-cell foam

Spray foam insulation can be either open-cell or closed-cell. Both provide a great thermal and air barrel. Closed-cell foam is waterproof. It will not allow water to move through it. Open-cell foam allows water to move through it and dry.

Spray foam and attic ventilation 

Spray foam is usually applied to the underside of your roof’s deck. The insulation plane from the ceiling to the roof deck is raised. Space in the attic area becomes conditioned with a temperature of between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius instead of 150.

Spray foam insulation in Brainerd, MN highlights

  • Huge heating and cooling savings monthly
  • Use your HVAC equipment less often, improving your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Adds resale value to your Brainerd, MN home
  • Reduces allergens, moisture and pollutants
  • Keeps your family comfortable year round, even during cold bitter winters or hot summers
  • Reduces the risk of drafts, hot or cold spots
  • Minimizes noise from external sources and even from within your San Antonio home, for instance, plumbing runs
  • Closed-cell insulation adds structural integrity to your home
  • Spray foam is fire and insect resistant

Other great benefits of spray foam installation in Brainerd, MN

Initial installation is a bit expensive. It could even be 3 times more when compared to other types of installation. Long term savings outweigh cost differences. The difference in price will have been recovered within the first 5 years. Savings continue throughout the life of the home. Spray foam will not deteriorate, meaning that the savings continue indefinitely.
  • Strengthens your walls
  • Spray foam increases the strength of your walls. It acts like glue, holding your roof sheathing in place, especially during high winds.
  • Savings on heating and cooling costs
  • Only one application is required in order to seal and insulate. A contractor will be done within no time.
  • Keeps mold and allergens at bay

Air gaps can allow mold spores to enter your Minnesota home. When these spores settle on moist spots, they will begin to grow. Spray foam insulation prevents moisture from entering the home.

Why spray foam installation should be done by a professional

Many things could go wrong if your spray foam installation is not done by a professional. Some of the issues that may arise include:

  • The spray foam not being thick enough
  • Some leakage sites may be missed
  • There could be too much or too little spray foam

There are many benefits of Spray foam insulation in Brainerd, MN. You will save on heating and cooling costs, keep allergens at bay, reduce noise, strengthen your walls and increase your home resale value. Most importantly, your spray foam insulation needs to be installed by a professional to avoid issues like some leakage sites being leaked.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Regarded as one of the best home insulating materials, spray foam is mold and allergen resistant and protects your family from dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning and other pollutants. It’s easy to see why spray foam is the best choice for your home with this abundant list of benefits:

  • Saves on energy costs
  • Adds strength to the building structure
  • Permanent, will not sag
  • Keeps dust and pollen out
  • Eliminates ice damming
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces capacity requirements
  • Meets all building codes
  • Stops air and moisture infiltration
  • Makes your home more comfortable

Hiring A spray foam insulation professional in Brainerd, MN

Picking the right spray foam insulation company is important to make sure that your home or property is properly insulated season after season.

Years ago, choosing an insulation contractor was simple. You simply had to get in touch with several contractors, specify your needs, get bids, then go for the lowest bid possible. However, selecting spray foam insulation companies is a little more involved. Not all spray foams are made equally, and not all spray foam insulation contractors are equal either. If you settle with an inexperienced contractor, you might end up with poorly sprayed foam.

Today, there are plenty of spray foam companies & contractors in Brainerd, MN. This leaves you with an even harder time gauging which among them can provide you with the best of services. To help you with that, we’ve provided some useful tips on how to choose spray foam insulation companies and contractors in Brainerd, MN. They are as follows:

  • Inquire about the contractor’s experience

In most insulation cases, a low priced contractor would use cheap labor. While this might work for conventional insulation, it’s an entirely different case when it comes to spray foam. If you settle with a contractor which has little experience in spray foam insulation, then you could lose all of the benefits you’re supposed to have. Make sure that the contractor who will conduct the project has plenty of experience and has gone through training by the foam’s manufacturer.

  • Check the type of foam to be used

Spray foam is more like a recipe, and most companies would often try a particular formulation and use their customers as test subjects. Once they’ve tested enough, they will then reformulate the recipe in order to achieve their desired output. Don’t let yourself become one of their test subjects. Only go for contractors which use a product which hasn’t been reformulated or recalled in the past five years.

  • Make sure a company’s contractor is licensed

Ensure that the contractor you hire has passed the test and is licensed. While some contractors will tell you that a license is not necessary, some states and cities would require one. Also, you don’t want to take a risk by settling with a contractor who is not licensed or certified.

  • Check their warranty

Make sure that the company you will be working with has a good warranty. You don’t want a company who will charge you just to fix a problem which you didn’t create in the first place. Obviously, it is preferable to go for a company which offers a lifetime warranty, unless you want to spend a fortune just to fix things up.